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Our Mission

Our mission at Patriot Business Consultants is to give world-class dedication to each client and be intentionally focused on increasing their personal cash flow with highly focused, proven strategic strategies.

Core Values

Integrity, Candor, Passion, Respect, and Results-Driven

To avoid overpaying on your income taxes, you’ll need:

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An Experienced, Competent Team

A Tax-Based Cashflow Analysis

Solid, Workable Solutions

Effective, Practical Implementation

We know what it’s like to be frustrated with your tax bill…

With over 40 years of experience, our team has helped successful business owners like you keep more of their cash flow, capture lost opportunity cost, and generate more personal wealth from their businesses.

“I finally feel like I’m more in control of my cash flow and have the ability to shift more value of the business to my personal balance sheet. I like the feeling of knowing for sure where things are going.”
— Mike W., Cary NC

“Rick took the time to listen intently and help me think through the best solutions for me. I feel like my business is working for me now, rather than me working for it!”
— Marsha R., Raleigh NC

…or call us at (919) 322-4114


Getting started is simple:


Discover Where You’re Overpaying

See in real-time how the
numbers stack up and discover if you’re paying more in taxes than the law legally requires.


Determine if We’re the Right Fit

After our brief call together
you’ll be able to determine if
we’re the right fit in developing a solid, workable solution.


Keep More of
Your Cashflow

We believe income is taxable & cashflow is plan-able. Keep more of the business-generated cashflow in your personal wealth.

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